Narcissistic Psychological Manipulators

Christian Thought for the Day on Echo Scapegoat Recovery Tactics
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  1. Thanks for this. I love Dr. Simon. He is so calm and reasonable in his discussions of psychopathy and narcissism and this video about the nature of predatory aggression is just common sense.

    I am thinking of a particular narcissist who clothed her narcissism in victim status. She was the queen of the victims of a particularly abusive church group. The worst part of her behaviour was that she used other people's victim status to bolster her own. Pretty soon she had a whole group of victims around her who needed help and support but all they were getting was more manipulation.

    I wondered for years whether this woman's experiences made her like she was. But nobody else I had met from this group was like this, they all seemed empathetic and concerned. Her responses were completely different. If you ever told her your story, she would sit there with a frozen expression looking completely bored until it was her turn to speak. I remember actually being moved to tears by her story and this was the only time she ever seemed conciliatory. I was crying for her but she never once showed any concern for my experience. Yet I kept making excuses for her. Her trauma has made her like this etc. Then one day I asked somebody who knew her well about her behaviour. It turned out she was always like this, it didn't just emerge after the trauma of leaving the church. So she was in fact a narcissist the whole time.


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